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About Us

Sue Lovell

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Sue Lovell teaches Iyengar yoga as a unique process capable of transforming our lives by giving us a deeper awareness of our body , mind and spirit as well as increasing strength and flexibility.

She has been practicing yoga for 25years and teaching since 1997 in Derbyshire where she runs with her partner Peak Yoga Centre. She holds a Senior 3 Iyengar teaching certificate

Sue’s approach to teaching on yoga holidays and workshops is to introduce a sense of serious fun generating an eagerness to learn, adding layers of understanding and clarity to students practice helping them to realise their full potential.

Yoga philosophy according to the teachings of Sage Patanjali & BKS Iyengar is introduced and expanded on in Sue's teaching in a practical & accessible way - inspiring students to begin their own investigation into the rich legacy of the yogic texts    

Her open and accessible style is geared to building confidence and poise in asana practice and deepening understanding of ourselves through pranayama (yogic breathing techniques).

Darel Turney

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Darel Turney has been practicing Iyengar yoga for 18 years and teaching since 2006.

Darel holds a Junior Intermediate Level 1 certificate. He is a joint partner in Peak Yoga Centre with Sue.

Darel teaches classes to beginners and improvers of all abilities and ages, with a style to make everyone feel at ease and able to progress to their true level.


About Peak Yoga Centre

We offer a full range of classes open to all levels of students from complete beginners who wish to try yoga, through to intermediate standard for those with a regular practice.

Also very popular are the day and weekend workshops in the Peak District and beyond, taught by well respected visiting Iyengar Yoga teachers.

We offer residential yoga holidays in this country and abroad, giving you the chance to take your practice to a deeper level, whilst being able to relax and unwind in beautiful locations.

Classes are also taught at the centre by fully qualified Iyengar Yoga teachers Sacha Robinson and Mike Harris.

About Iyengar Yoga

Yoga is an ancient system of exercises and philosophy originally developed in India. This form of yoga is named after Mr BKS Iyengar who has been teaching and demonstrating throughout the world for over seventy years. He has several million students and has written many books on yogic practice and its philosophy.

Iyengar yoga is based on the safe and precise practice of alignment of the body in the postures. Yoga means to join together, to unite. Often the different parts of ourselves are disconnected from each other. In yoga we apply awareness to our body and our breath and so we begin to feel more connected, more whole. It is this active awareness that distinguishes yoga from other forms of exercise, and makes it appropriate for all ages and body types.

Classes in Buxton are taught by Sue Lovell who holds an Iyengar Senior teaching certificate and Darel Turney who holds a Junior level 1 teaching certificate.